Adoption Books

So I Was Thinking About Adoption

This book offers a look at what adoption is    like today, with compassionate answers and resources to help you learn more.

Called To Adoption

In her new book, adoption expert Mardie Caldwell shares her personal experience of adoption and provides help for those interested in creating their own adoption story.

Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Mardie Caldwell has successfully helped thousands of families achieve their dream of parenthood. And now she can help you too through her new step-by-step guide to adoption. answers all your adoption questions. It contains the road map, the advice, the resources, and the working knowledge you need to adopt a baby!


Tammy's Story

Tammy's Webinar!

As a birth mother, adoption advocate,
and peer support
for pregnant women considering or choosing adoption, Tammy's insights shed light on what open adoption can be like today, and give us a unique insight through her relationship with her now grown son and his view of his own adoption story.

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About Open Adoption

With open adoption, you can raise your adopted child with honesty and sharing that their birth family loved them enough to choose life and choose adoption for them. It means knowing your child's birth family medical history when available, a very valuable asset in an adoption. And it means being proud adoptive parents; treasuring your baby or child knowing you have been chosen to parent this little one for a lifetime.

Open adoption gives comfort to both birth parents and adoptive families in so many ways. The end result of an open adoption for the child is that there are more people in their live who love them, something we can never have too many of. We encourage you to learn more about Open Adoption through the adoption resources and information contained on our website Learn how you can touch the life of someone else through open adoption, and how your desires and wishes can be honored in the process of adoption.

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy today have many choices with open adoption. Creating an open adoption plan involves the choice of personally choosing their child's adoptive parents, meeting the adoptive family in person if they wish, deciding on the type of openness and the level of future contact they as a birth mother or birth parent wants.

Adoption today has come a long way from adoptions of thirty years ago, when closed adoptions were more commonly practiced and adoption was more of a secret. Open adoption is now based on trust and an honest relationship between the adoptive parents and the birth parents. The blessing of an open adoption is shared with children from their earliest days.